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Pretinned Carbide Company, Inc. has been providing the finest service
to saw service centers and manufacturers since 1988!

Our staff is continually learning the latest techniques and best-suited products
for maintaining safety and efficiency in the brazer's work environment.

With the production of over 12 million parts per year,
we have proven ourselves to be the leader in:

  • Consistency of Order Quality
  • Physical Piece Count System Service Packaging
  • On Time Delivery
  • and Quality Pretinned Assembled Parts

Users of carbide parts have found that by using
carbide that has been properly cleaned and pretinned
is faster, easier, more cost efficient, and of higher quality.

Pretinning carbide ensures a more consistent application
of silver solder thereby reducing waste.

Pretinning is the process of afflixing silver solder to the body
of a part in preparation of it being brazed to another part.

With a national list of customers, Pretinned Carbide Company
is one of four such companies in North American
specializing in preparing carbide for such brazing
as well as custom brazing and small part assembly.